021- Sharkill

Height: 1.7m                                                   Weight: 85.0kg

Type: Water/Dark                                        Species: Hindurance Pokemon

Sharkill evolves from Dolphun at level 26

Sharkill is based off a real shark, most likely the Great White. Sharkill is navy blue with a white underbelly. It has rough scales and each on its fins (including tail) have chunks missing in the shape of Sharkill's sharp teeth. Sharkill's most notable feature is the large dorsal fin that is jagged like a blade on the side facing Sharkill's tail. This fin towers high above Sharkill and sticks out of the water when they are swimming. From a distance the fin resembles a floating boay, so swimmers go towards it, only to be gobbled up by a hungry Sharkill.

After evolving from Dolphun, Sharkill can learn Bite, Mist, Aqua Ring, Taunt, Aqua Jet, Crunch and Hydro Pump. Its ability is Water Absorb or Intimidate.

The End

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