020- Dolphun

Height: 0.8m                                                   Weight: 45.5kg

Type: Water                                                     Species: Helpful Pokemon

Dolphun evolves into Sharkill at level 26

Dolphun is a long dolphin like pokemon with a blue and white body; blue on its back and white on its underside. Unlike dolphins, Dolphun are have long tube-like beaks which they use the send messages. The blue and white borderline resembles waves crashing lapping against a pearly white beach. Dolphun have two large flippers and one even bigger tailfin to aid them in their swimming. Dolphun always help travellers lost at sea or swimmers caught in a current. They are intelligent as well so flee from hungry Sharkill whenever the sense their aura

Dolphun's moveset includes Protect, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Safeguard, Lightscreen and Water Pulse. Its ability is Water Absorb or Telepathy  

The End

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