019- Pharoar

Height: 3.2m                                                           Weight: 206.1kg

Type: Psychic/Rock                                           Species: Statue Pokemon

Royaleo evolves from Psycred at level 22 and into Pharoar at level 32

The head dress mane that Royaleo wore has molded into the shape of the mane worn by the Sphinx of Egypt. However, unlike the sphinx, Pharoar has a lion-like face rather than a humanoid. Pharoar even has six whiskers. Pharoar is very big and bulky and spends most of its time sat down. It is rarely seen standing. Its sandy coloured body has black markings on it, small and thin stripes all over Pharoar's back and legs; the underbelly is completely white. Pharoar eyes are red but bordered with Cleopatra's style of black. The build of this pokemon is less feline than its pre-evolutions and less elegant.

After evolving from Royaleo, Pharoar can learn Psychic, Crunch, Earthquake, Rock Throw, Psybeam, Body Slam and Ancient Power. Its ability is Insomnia or Overcoat.

The End

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