018- Royaleo

Height: 1.4m                                                           Weight: 61.5kg

Type: Psychic                                                          Species: Sacred Pokemon

Royaleo evolves from Psycred at level 22 and into Pharoar at level 32

Royaleo looks like a bigger version of Psycred but has a lot of differences. For starters it has a pharoah's beard on its chin and a mane fashioned like the pharoah's head dress. Instead of a pyramid tipped tail, Royaleo has a figure like the head of Horus tipped its long black and cream striped tail. Unlike Psycred, Royaleo has sharp claws growing off its paws. Royaleo also has two black bands on its ankles and eyes like cleopatras as depiced in drawings. Royaleo still possessed to futureseeing eyes but they are smaller and its actual eyes have irisis. Royaleo has very large eyes that stand erect when recieving a message from the dead

After evolving from Psycred, Royaleo can learn Scratch, Hypnosis, Teleport and Fury Swipes. Its ability is Insomnia or Synchronize

The End

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