017- Psycred

Height: 0.5m                                                           Weight: 11.3kg

Type: Psychic                                                          Species: Sacred Pokemon

Psycred evolves into Royaleo at level 22 and then into Pharoar at level 32

Psycred is a primarily stone coloured kitten pokemon with a long tail tipped with a miniature pyramid. Psycred are decorated with black bands on its wrists and tail. It also has stripes on its cheeks and two spots above its eyes. Psycred is quite fat and its legs are quite stubby but very agile and elegant. Its eyes have no pupils and so trainers cannot tell what Psycred is looking at. These blank eyes help Psycred see into the future. Psycred were treated like royalty in ancient times for their powers and so have become quite lazy pokemon.

Psycred's learnset includes Confusion, Growl,  Bite, Attract and Futuresight. Its ability is Insomnia or Synchronize.

The End

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