016- Ultravian

Height: 1.9m                                                       Weight: 51.3kg

Type: Electric/Flying                                       Species: LightningFast Pokemon

Ultravian evolves from Eaglavian at level 30. It is the final form of Hawkoso.

Ultravian is a giant bird with white and golden feathers on its four giant wings. It has a large golden plummage with lighning shaped feahers blooming off of it. Although it is golden white, Ultravian has a dark brown frill-like bands around its neck and ankles. The underbelly is a more golden shade than the rest of the belly and its five tail feathers are golden spare the black lightning bolt shaped markings. The eyes of Ultravian are very slighted and ringed by golden stripes with lightning bolt shaped tips. Ultravian can fly incredibly quickly, nothing else in the known pokemon world could compare

After evolving from Eaglavian, Ultravian can learn Discharge, Air Slash, Endeavor, Razor Wind, Thunderbolt, Protect, Brave Bird and Hurricane. Its ability is  Super Luck or Motor Drive

The End

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