015- Eaglavian

Height: 1.5m                                                       Weight: 19.9kg

Type: Normal/Flying                                       Species: SuperFast Pokemon

Eaglavian evolves from Hawkoso at level 20, and into Ultravian at level 30

Eaglavian is a dark brown bird with a pearl white head and neck. Eaglavian looks like a normal eagle but when it outstretches its glorious wings you can see that it really has another set of wings to increase its speed and stamina. The wing feathers themselves are golden at the tips. Its feet are golden yellow whilst its deadly sharp claws are pitch black. Its eyes are slightly slitted and have red and blue stripes up and below the eyes. It has three tail feathers that spread out wide when Eaglavian feels danger approaching.

After evolving from Hawkoso, Eaglavian can learn Aerial Ace, Taunt, Twister and Take Down. Its ability is  Super Luck or Keen Eye

The End

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