014- Hawkoso

Height: 0.7m                                                       Weight: 8.3kg

Type: Normal/Flying                                       Species: Fast Pokemon

Hawkoso evolves into Eaglavian at level 20, and then into Ultravian at level 30

Hawkoso is a bird with a mainly light brown body. It has small but round golden eyes and a dark brown head with a wing shaped tuft of hair on top. A notable feature of Hawkoso is its long golden beak which is spiky at the basin rather than rounded like other bird pokemon. Hawkoso are sought out for races due to the fact they are incredibly quick at flying. They are able to travel to another region in under two hours.

Hawkoso's learnset includes Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Wing Attack and Air Cutter. Its ability is Super Luck or Keen Eye

The End

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