013- Lemighty

Height: 1.3m                                                       Weight: 29.5kg

Type: Normal                                                     Species: Guardian Pokemon

Lemighty evolves from Leminor at level 22.

Lemighty is a tall lemur-like pokemon. Lemighty is black with white wrist and ankles bands and white stripes like war paint on its cheeks. Like Leminor it has a white ring on its stomach but unlike its pre-evolutions Lemighty is a fierce warrior who always carries sticks in its hands to fight off intruders and foes. The tail is black and white but incredibly long. Females wear them as scarfes or for the babies to hold on to. Lemighty can navigate through forests using its four legs and tail, the latter acting as a fifth leg.

After evolving from Leminor, Lemighty can learn Quick Attack, Low Kick, Double Team, Bullet Seed, Sucker Punch and Fling . Its ability is Thick Fat or Scrappy.

The End

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