012- Leminor

Height: 0.6m                                                      Weight: 13.8kg

Type: Normal                                                   Species: Lemur Pokemon

Leminor evolves into Lemighty at level 22

Leminor is a small brown pokemon that resembles a ring-tailed lemur. It has a white ring on its stomach and white bands on its wrists and ankles. It has dark brown hands and feet and white rufflets of hair on its neck and on its head. Its most notable feature is the long black and white striped tail that towers above Leminor's own head. It is a very agile pokemon that lives in the trees and spend their days sleeping and eating.  

Its moveset includes Scratch, Growl, Tail Whip, Bide and Take Down. Its ability is Run Away or Thick Fat.

The End

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