011- Deaffly

Height: 1.1m                                                         Weight: 22.6kg

Type: Bug/Dark                                                    Species: Disease Pokemon

Deaffly evolves from Minsquito at level 15

Deaffly is a large dark grey mosquito pokemon with many sharp spikes on its body. It has a spike on each on its six feet, two tails and two probosci. It also has a dark purple spot on its four head and on each of its four wings, the wings themselves are lilac. Deaffly has purple bands around its six ankles and one especially thick ring around its midrif. Wheras Minsquito's eyes were black specs, Deaffly has red eyes with a black iris.  

No other pokemon has the same type combination as Minsquito and its family

Its moveset includes Spikes, Twineedle, Dark Pulse, Poison Jab, Pursuit and Bug Buzz. Its ability is Poison Point or Sniper.

The End

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