010- Minsquito

Height: 0.4m                                                         Weight: 6.8kg

Type: Bug/Dark                                                    Species: Mosquito Pokemon

Minsquito evolves into Deaffly at level 15

Minsquito is a black mosquito-like pokemon. It has six stubby black legs with needle points that are all located on the midriff. Its body is black but its head is a dark purple colour and its four wings are a light lilac. It has a long proboscis in the shape of a syringe which it uses to suck blood from its foes. Its tail is almost the same length as its body and has a sharp needle at the tip. All of these needle points are used to ensure Minsquito can get enough blood as possible.

No other pokemon has the same type combination as Minsquito and its family

Its moveset includes String Shot, Poison Sting, Pin Missile and Leech Life. Its ability is Swarm or Sniper.

The End

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