009- Lumbeaver

Height: 1.8m                                                                Weight: 89.5kg

Type: Water/Steel                                                     Species: Steel Beaver Pokemon

Lumbeaver evolves at Musklaw at level 32. It is the final form of Dammouse.

Lumbeaver is, as the name states, a large beaver-like pokemon. Lumbeaver is decorated in steel armory, on its wrists, ankles, tail and head. It is navy blue in coloration like its pre-evolutions, but with a silver underbelly. Unlike its pre-evolutions Lumbeaver has a flat beaver tail designed to pat down wood. The tail is made of steel so can be used to smash things open or attacking. Lumbeaver's most notable quality is the giant front teeth made of steel which reach down to Lumbeaver's stomach. These giant teeth can break through anything.  Although quite sluggish on land it is an incredibly strong swimmer

After evolving from Musklaw, Lumbeaver can learn  Hyper Fang, Aqua Jet, Take Down, Muddy Water, Iron Head, Super Power and Hydro Pump . Its ability is Torrent.

The End

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