008- Musklaw

Height: 1.2m                                                                      Weight: 25.5kg

Type: Water/Steel                                                            Species: River rat Pokemon

Musklaw evolves from Dammouse at level 18, then evolves into Lumbeaver at level 32

Musklaw is a chunky bipedal rodent pokemon with longer, sharper teeth and claws than its pre-evolution. Both its hands and feet are silver with long blades for claws, these are able to chop down trees. Musklaws fur is navy blue but its underbelly is a pale grey colour. Musklaw's tail is shorter, flatter and wider in comparison to its pre-evolution and has a strip of steel running down it. Only its front teeth are directly visible but they reach down to Musklaw's chest. Both its ankles and wrists are decorated with spiky metal bands

After evolving from Dammouse, Musklaw can learn Iron Tail, Water Pulse, Super Fang, Metal Claw, Whirlpool and Aqua Tail. Its ability is Torrent.

The End

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