007- Dammouse

Height: 0.6m                                                                      Weight: 2.7kg

Type: Water                                                                        Species: Mouse Pokemon

Dammouse evolves into Musklaw at level 18, which evolves into Lumbeaver at level 32

Dammouse is a chubby navy blue rodent-like pokemon that stands on two legs. It has a fat round face which large cheeks, a long blade-like front teeth and whiskers. Dammouse has a long set of silver claws able to slash wood. It has a set of large round ears and webbed toes that are powerful swimming utensils. Its tail is long enough to allow Dammouse to wear it as a scarf. In the wild Dammouse sometimes hold it in their hands to avoid getting it stuck in the damms they build.

Dammouse is one of the starter pokemon recieved from Professor Willow in Ivorygrass Town

Dammouse's moveset includes Pound, Leer, Water Gun, X-Scissor, Bubblebeam and Harden. Its ability is Torrent

The End

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