006- Pantherno

Height: 1.7m                                                            Weight: 160.8kg

Type: Fire                                                                   Species: Blazing Lion Pokemon

Pantherno evolves from Charcat at level 34. It is the final form of Volkitt

Pantherno is mainly vermillion in coloration with two red bands on each leg and a mighty mane of fire that never goes out; the alpha males have the biggest manes in the pride and females have beards like Charcat. Pantherno has a lion like physique and a long tail which a burning flame like its pre-evolutions. It has a ferocious nature and always shows eight of its teeth. Pantherno has a tuft of hair at the stem of the tail in a 'V' shape.

After evolving from a Charcat, Pantherno can learn Assurance, Inferno, Crunch, Fire Spin, Roar, Flame Charge and Fire Blast. Its ability is Blaze

The End

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