005- Charcat

Height: 1.2m                                                                   Weight: 37.5kg

Type: Fire                                                                         Species: Fire Cat Pokemon

Charcat evolves from Volkitt at level 17, and then evolves into Pantherno at level 34

Charcat is often described as looking like a Lynx or Bobcat. Like those animals its ears are pointed with tufts sprouting from the tips and its claws are sharp. Its head is topped with a crown of flame which runs down to make a small beard or mane. It has a darker shade of orange than its pre-evolution and Charcat also has red bands around each of its four ankles. It has a patch of rough fur at the stem of the tail and a roaring flame to tip. It is more ferocious than Volkitt and has a total six teeth on show at all times

After evolving from a Volkitt, Charcat can learn Assist, Flamethrower, Slash, Mean Look, Fire Fang and Torment. Its ability is Blaze 

The End

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