004- Volkitt

Height: 0.5m                                                                   Weight: 8.7kg

Type: Fire                                                                         Species: Kitten Pokemon

Volkitt evolves into Charcat at level 17, which evolves into Pantherno at level 34

Volkitt is a small kitten-like pokemon that is primarily ginger with red stripes on its back. Volkitt has two visible fangs and six whiskers in total, three on each side of the face. Its ears are developed for listening and its claws built for running and scratching. Males have a spiky tuft of hair on the forehead. The tail tip is a burning flame that produced powerful smoke at times of joy or danger 

Volkitt is one of the starter pokemon recieved from Professor Willow in Ivorygrass Town

Its learnset includes Scratch, Growl, Ember, Fury Swipes, Pursuit and Eruption. Its ability is Blaze

The End

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