003- Toxitoad

Height: 1.8m                                                                  Weight: 109.5kg

Type: Grass/Poison                                                    Species: Poisonous frog Pokemon

Toxitoad evolves from Tropicroak at level 36. It is the final form of Plantail

Toxitoad is a large bullfrog like pokemon. Its round, fat face is now coned by seven large petals like those blooming off of Tropicroak. The round eyes of its pre-evolutions are no semi-circle shaped with purple rims. Its dark green body is decorated with toxic purple patches and its legs are coated in large rainforest leaves. Its large toes are quite spread out and are joined by webbed material. Its croaking sac is so big that it drags along the floor when Toxitoad has its head down. The sac is full of toxic, hazardous waste.

 After evolving from a Tropicroak, Toxitoad can learn Take Down, Smog, Coil, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Stockpile, Spit up and Solar Beam. Its ability is overgrow. 

The End

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