002- Tropicroak

Height: 1.3m                                                                       Weight: 19.7kg

Type: Grass/Poison                                                         Species: Treefrog Pokemon

Tropicroak evolves from Plantail at level 16, and then evolves into Toxitoad at level 36

Tropicroak, like its pre-evolution resembles a frog, although unlike its pre-evolution it has no tail and has the capability to stand upright. Upon evolution, the leaf behind Plantail's head blooms into three large green petals with purple spots that also shadow the large head. Its suctioncup like toes are now webbed and can stick perfectly so even vertical terrains. Tropicroak has a giant croaking sac that almost touches its toes and is coloured the same as its petals. The sac hangs from Tropicroak's long lips. Tropicroaks red pupils are larger than its pre-evolutions.

After evolving from a Plantail, Tropicroak can learn Leech seed, PoisonPowder, Sweet Scent, Wrap and Bounce. Its ability is Overgrow

The End

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