001- Plantail

Height: 0.7m                                                                       Weight: 9.7kg

Type: Grass                                                                           Species: Tadpole Pokemon

Plantail evolves into Tropicroak at level 16, which evolves into Toxitoad at level 36

Plantail is a fat lime green amphibious creature that resembles a frog in between the stages of metaphorphosis. It has a fat round face which large white eyes with small red dots for pupils. Plantail has a large pale green tail, similar to Poliwag's, that stands erect to gain sunlight. A giant exotic leaf grows from the back of its neck, shadowing its head. It has four stubby legs each with three suction-cup like toes.

Plantail is one of the starter pokemon recieved from Professor Willow in Ivorygrass Town

Plantail's moveset includes Tackle, Tail Whip, Absorb, Sleep Powder, Lick and Withdraw. Its ability is Overgrow

The End

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