Neoky Pokedex

The pokedex of the new Neoky region. All invented by yours truly with a few helping hands.

Before we take a look at the Neoky pokedex, I thought we should learn more about Neoky.

Neoky has 119 pokemon that are found nowhere else in the world. Nearly a dozen of these are only from ancient ruins that depict great legendary pokemon. They have only claimed to have been witnessed. No documented proof that these legendary pokemon are alive exists. But statues of the legendary pokemon are all over the region.

Neoky is the most northern pokemon region and is famed for having nearly permanent snow at some areas, mainly Ivorygrass Town, home of the largest harbour in Neoky. It only has around 3 months of no snow, which is during the summer.

Neoky homes the Neoky league, eight gyms and the elite four. Neoky is famous for not having a champion rather a double battle between the elite four at the end.  

Neoky is unique for having type-only contests in numerous cities. Only pokemon of a selected type can enter and they compete for a ribbon. The contests consist of displaying a move of the type and then a knock-out round battling competition.

So, that is Neoky, all that is left are the pokemon. So continue reading to find out the new, exciting Neoky-exclusive pokemon.

The End

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