Needed BreathMature

She lay awake under the stars, tears streaming down her face. The world was an ugly place. The people were covered in the filth of their actions and no longer shone. The earth was poisoned by uncaring souls, and everyone ran past the days without giving a dam.

The gun glittered in the starlight. It seemed to be grinning. But it was grinning with a scowl, that reminded her of all the people with cold eyes and mean intentions. They would act out, get slapped down, and the world would pretend everything was alright, and keep turning.

Eyes turned. Money schemes to hide solutions. Ads to create problems to solve them. The enlightened getting silenced, the assholes being heard. The giving getting taken advantage of, and the oppressors never being contradicted. 

Eyes crinkled to fight the oncoming emotion. Doubled now, sobbing silently to not wake anyone. She didn't want to invest in this world. This wasn't the life that was sopposed to exist. 

She hated herself for expecting so much, and for her disability to accept things as they happened, and she shunned herself for fighting the current meant to suck her down. 

Her breath mimicked the motion of masaging hands, and the more she breathed, the more she massaged the night sky with her breath and body. 

She would not take away one fighting light the world needed. 

The End

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