Narrated History & Lore of Medunian (Second Draft)

This is a compilation of writings about history and lore of the fictional world I started building many years ago: Medunian. The first draft was written in 2005, and was never completed, due to a writer's block that spanned several years. Here is my second attempt.

Author Notes

Saturday, August 7th, 2010.

It has been five years since I wrote the first draft of Medunian’s first compilation of stories: the Narrated History & Lore of Medunian, as I now choose to call it.  And it has been almost five years, precisely, since I stopped writing it.  In other words, I stopped only a few months after I started.  What happened?  A fearsome writer’s block destroyed all the motivation I had to write, to forge this world.  The ideas were always there, but I could not pick a pencil or open a word processor to continue the work I had left unfinished.

It has been five years since then, and today I want to give this project a second chance.  I am pleased to acknowledge that my writing has improved greatly during all this time. This will allow me to make a better use of language and vocabulary, in order to present this world, which lives in my dreams, and finally share it with you.

Jessica M. Vázquez

The End

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