Consider the Girl as something that is rare and gifted to us, but the Man is the destructive symbol of people in our world. All the Girl wants is to enjoy life and be happy. While all the Man wants is to make profit and remain selfish.

She leaps rock to rock through the splendid river

Nothing troubles her

Her mind is clear


No sorrow in her thoughts

No thoughts of evil

Only the desire of good


Her glorious wings catch the breath of wind

Pure white feathers rustle lightly

A smile spreads across her face

She feels nature’s breath against her body


Here in this place she is no “freak

People do not look upon her as a low life

She rules these woods as a princess

Yet the Man seeks her still

He wants her

But not out of passionate love


The Man seeks her for money

For wealth and riches no other man has


She is but fifteen

Still young and innocent


He is far along

In his late forty’s at least

He wants to defile her

To sell her rare body to other men


The wings that define her

He desires to tear off

So that she may not escape from his wretched grasp


Here in the woods she takes refuge

Here in the woods he waits for the perfect moment

To strip her of her glorious wings

And desecrate her beauty with Mans deathly touch.

The End

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