Myths are born, reborn and ...

I dedicate this to Sara, the inspiration behind this understanding.

This afternoon, Sara and I were discussing civil philosophy. We covered common rationales whence myths are generated and sustained by man. We realized that myths emanate from hypotheses oftentimes.

          Strong hypotheses can take populations to the truth, some can lead to falsehood via biased perspectives, while others can make a better nothing when enough wisdom exists to acknowledge the reality of evidence proving against a hypothesis. However, when populations refuse to accept that a seductive hypothesis they cherish is subjugated to valid proofs opposing the hypothesis, a myth is likely to be born. The myth can grow strong roots in culture when a civilization develops to consider it as pleasing and rewarding; thereafter, more hypotheses can originate from the myth to make a new generation of falsehood. Myths are born and reborn, and they have been for many centuries. They die in the light of evidence. They are resurrected when evidence is then unwelcome by man. Therefore, myths are born and reborn when populations enjoy living on pleasurable hypotheses, instead of embracing the honorable hardships of validation and truth.

Mohsen H. Darabi

11:56 p.m.

March 17, 2016

London, UK

The End

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