Mysterious Boot

A song that randomly popped into my head when I saw a lone boot abandoned outside the train station on my way home from work.

I see you standing
there on the sidewalk
all alone without your twin

You're covered with dirt
and smell like old cheese
and I wonder where you've been

Mysterious welly, mysterious boot
do you know where you belong?
mysterious welly, mysterious boot
has your journey been hard and long?
In this world where we all walk
Down a winding garden path
There's a place I want go
My dirty, plastic friend

On which foot did you fit?
Who did you carry there
to the place you lay abandoned?
Did your wearer even care?
Just a boot without a twin
why do you matter so much to me?
For a man without a friend
you could be a perfect fit

Even though your journey's done
and your brother is elsewhere
even dirty and alone
know I care, know I care

[chorus repeats]

The End

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