My words.

This piece was written last year when I was going through a hard time. hope you enjoy:)

To confident too out there is what I seem to be, but when I'm quiet and not talking then there's something wrong with me. being labelled by your loved ones just isn't right, thinking that I've "been there" and "done that" its all in their state of mind. Being put down by your parents and compared to other girls, is it wrong for me just to be another different girl in the world? It seems like everything I do tends to be wrong, bringing up the things in the past - can we all just move on? "Behind every smile there is pain" when I hear this quote all that comes to my mind is my name. Maybe I am being fake if I'm hiding the pain, but if I let all out will the people that I love all react the same? People always tell me, 'don't let words get to you' but what if they're hurtful and you're fragile, what are you meant to do? I mean I know I'm not perfect and I have my moments, but it doesn't mean I'm seeking attention or wanting to be noticed. Bringing up the traditions and how we're meant to dress, thinking I'm only being different cause I want to impress. See I don't know why there's something wrong with having different style? when the Lord doesn't care about what we wear, cause there's no law in the bible. It says we should respect our mum and dad, but if we decide to speak our mind does that make us bad? the worldly temptations causes us to trip up and fall, distracting us from the main reason why we're here - TO DO THE WORKS OF THE LORD. I admit I even struggle to ignore the temptations, but what I've learnt is that every trap we fall into is a life long lesson. 

The End

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