My Wackiest Dream Ever

Ever seen a dream more wacky?

My subconscious mind plays really good games with me. They are interesting too.

I have stood second in my grade, as usual. I see a very old-fashioned telephone beside me. Everything around me is white spread to eternity.

Suddenly, I get a call from my principal “Hello Rikki! I wanted to inform you that though you have stood second, the faculty thinks you are not worthy of getting a prize.”

“Okay!” I said loudly, slamming the receiver down, I don’t know why…I wanted the prize.

A white door, a table and my sister appear out of thin air. My sister is all dressed up in pink, she says “Don’t worry, they have sent the prize via courier!”

I get really excited. The prize is kept on the table. The prize turns out to be five packets of bubble-gum.

“Heads up,” my sister shouts “Two are mine!” she grabs two of them and runs away.

Thank god, because after that I woke up!

The End

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