Dear Thing,

A little meerkat tell me you been lonely since I wrote last (about five hours ago) but fear not my dear and faithful diary/blog/bundle-of-random-wonderful-thoughts.

I, for your information, have been studying. Yes. I am now fully informed of Stalin's economic policy (boo-yah) and am also relatively prepared for Art History and French, both of which will happen tomorrow morning. Think I can do it?

Today was fine though. Played the Simpsons Hit And Run for a bit, and also got some relaxing time with my beloved acrylics. And had some disgusting chips for dinner. So yeah, all-in-all a good day.

Gonna wedge in another hour of cramming before I chill out completely though. I guess you'll know tomorrow night how the exams went. Wish me luck! (I'll really need it if I'm gonna avoid emotional breakdown.)

~Frankie 18/12/11

The End

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