Dear Thing,

Eight years ago, an unnamed person with whom I was playing "tag" with inadvertantly caused me to trip and fall against a gate. Nine-year-old me broke her tooth. Yes, broke it. I've had a false cap on ever since. And today... It crumbled. Just crumbled. Under the braces.

The good news? I've got a new cap on my tooth, and it looks booootiful! Bad news? The dentist had to remove the bracket from the tooth to fix the tooth. Which means I have to go to the orthodontist tomorrow morning (on my day off, I may add) to get that put back on. God. Damn.

All quiet on the Western front. (What does that even mean?! I'm quite liking the evasive metaphor I've got going on here.)

I'm getting curry for dinner *does happy dance*.

God I'm sad.


~Frankie 7/12/11

The End

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