My ThingMature

This is not a diary. It's a diary-type Thing. And it is mine. Therefore it is My Thing.

Dear Thing,

Well here I am again. Sorry, but it looks like you're stuck with me.

First off (not that you'll but reading this but anyway) - I'm done. Truly this time. Sound familiar to you? It should... And look at you now. Hypocriticism much? Well, allow me to instill a little newsflash into your wandering mind -  I'm not coming back this time. I'm... No, I'm not gonna say it. This isn't my fault, and I won't pretend it is.
Not this time.

Secondly... It's finally clicked. And honestly I'm not too surprised. *Shrugs*

I'm not weird. I'm fine. I'm me. But who is that person? Does she announce her realizations to the world via the Internet? *Remembers Twitter account* Pah. The irony.

And thirdly... Holy crap it's Late Late Toy Show night! *Squeals*

~Frankie 2/12/11

The End

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