My Story

This is the short story of a young man aspiring to be an architect and decided to start writing again.

His day started pretty sadly. He slept in past the alarm, took off behind schedule, and forgot half of his things at home (luckily these got to school with him just before the bell rang). He felt like the most unlucky man on the face of the earth by the time he was sitting in his second period History class. Little did he know that he was going to become happy once again. 

Block periods are hell. Anybody who has had to endure these monstrosities knows that as well as they know their pet gerbil (provided gerbils cannot be trusted under any circumstance). The only good thing about long periods is that architecture was an hour and forty-two minutes long as compared to the usual fifty minutes. He went all day enduring the tormenting boredom that trailed him with every step only to get make-up work from being sick (I didn't mention that? Oh yeah he was sick for about half a week and just got back. There was quite a bit of make-up work). 

Finally he got home and did his homework until about 7:30 when he asked his mom to sit down and watch an episode of Dr. Who with him to unwind after a long day of almost nothing but stress. Little did he know that the episode of Dr. Who that he had been looking forward to all day long was written by the infamous Russel T. Davies. This episode disappointed him so much that he just went upstairs and moped around for a while (he also possibly played a little guitar but I can't remember, I just got done moping). 

He looked at his computer and said to himself "my gosh, I haven't been on Protagonize in quite a while". So he sat down and began typing. Somewhere in the second sentence of the fourth paragraph he began questioning why he was talking about himself in the third person. Finally I (crap I totally blew the third person thing I had going) decided to end this with a message to anyone who by chance reads my stories.

Sorry I haven't been on and writing in such a long time. I have been preoccupied with schoolwork, the odd jobs that I do to make petty cash, my girlfriend, my friend's drama, and so many other factors (laziness being a pretty large one). On the other hand, I am back now and I intend to put out a new post every week. I personally want to thank those who have given me any kind of feedback. I also want to thank those that have been posting their work in my group, Writers Unclassified. I have been reading those posts that people upload in the links forum and I must say, keep up the good work guys. Thanks again, with love...


The End

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