She feels betrayed

By him, the one she will not speak of,

By herself - how could she let this happen? -

And by the world - why did she deserve this?


Down into the fathoms of despair, she falls,

Oppressed by darkness, suffocating in its heavy blanket, she is one ignored by light,

No fires burn, no warmth exists here: she's dying slowly in the cold

Life leaves her and she becomes an empty container, a hollow body with no spirit


The words that will haunt her resound in her mind,

repeating themselves and torturing her very soul:

'I don't love you anymore' said the one with a shrug

And her agony blasts through her, again it comes, again.


He's killed her, she's me, I'm dead yet in pain

Ice is surrounding me, the whip comes again. 

The End

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