How do I describe something
That is indescribable?
How do I compare something to something
That is incomparable?
I could describe the day,
The way the noon-time sun shone, bright and warm
On that summers day. The sweet, warm scent
Of summer air, the feel of the cool grass in my fingers,
And the warmth of mid-summer. I could not compare you
To all these things, it wouldn’t be fair.
These things are nothing
Compared to you. The way your hair shines brighter than the sun itself,
The scent of it, resting on my shoulder.
The way your body feels, so warm, so
Close to mine. I cannot help but wonder-
Does the sun itself look down in envy, that it cannot shine as much as you?
Does the moon watch in anger, that it cannot enchant me
Half as much as you? Do other couples
Look at us and glare
At how we lie together, laughing together, without a care in the world?
I wonder, then realize
I don’t care.
All that matters is you. I couldn’t compare you
To anything-not the clear, blue lakes of scotland, that are
Dirty and polluted, next to your eyes.
not the beautiful Countryside of france, ugly and malformed
compared to your face.
Not the winter wonderlands of fairy tales, so black and disgusting
Next to your pure, beautiful skin,
Nor the exuisite rainforests of south america, which cannot
Captivate me as much as your long, silky hair.
Your voice,
Your laugh,
Ring truer to me than the clearest of bells.
Your voice,
Your laugh,
More lovely than the greatest sonnet.
Do swans gaze in sorrow,
At your divine grace? You are truly an angel,
And I wonder,
What have I, a mere mortal, done
To deserve such a miracle?
What the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away,
But I am not scared. I had never truly lived,
Until I met you. And I would give you up
Without remorse, for all things must end, sooner
Or later, and I am fortunate to have you now, so close,
And I thank the Lord for whatever short time
He has given me with his most perfect creation.
Even this poem
Does you no justice, and I apologize.
For how can I describe something
That is indescribable? The answer-
I can’t. so I won’t even try.

The End

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