My poetry :)

my poetry. comment if you like it or if not :) i just want feedback. :D


Bathed in brilliant light, so
completely naked, exposed before
the eyes of hundreds. being judged,
do any of them know the real me? do any of them
even care? or do they, with their fiendish minds
seek to destroy what i have taken great care to build? my castle,
my armour, my shield. all gone, all useless,
before the judging of my peers. i ask myself
do i even care? what do they know about me,
to judge me so? do they know my thoughts, my
feelings? no.
they do not, and for that reason,
i turn, and walk off the stage,
that is the pedestal of my life. the curtains close,
the ultimate barrier between me
and my fellow men.

The End

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