My Pageant

This is just sort of a summary of the pageant I was in.

Hello! As some of you know, I got accepted into a pageant, and participated in it Sunday, the 16th. It was really,really scary. There were all of these girls who were the defintition of flawless, and I was intimidated. I wasn't going to let that stop me, though. I came there to do one thing, and that was to raise awareness to what media and society is doing to us. And I did just that. When talking to the judges, I told them everything. About how media is creating too high of expectations for young girls, and making them think they have to look exactly like someone else to be beautiful. About how more and more teenagers are getting eating disorders, and are suicidal. And they listened. I got on stage and said it all. About how horrid media and society is, and how I want to fix it. And guess what.

I'm going to nationals.

The End

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