From the Depths of Desperation

As I swayed below the world,
I waited as the depths became my home.
Ships passed above my head,
But in the end I was truly alone.

My thoughts drifted home,
To the mother I abandoned,
Just as my father taught me,
When he chased the same siren.

Where was he now?
Did he too sink too far below?
Was he washed away in the waves,
Or did he simply just let go?

These question weighed me down,
Like the water pressure that began to build.
My regret, a burden on my chest,
Held me down with the weight of guilt.

Yet, even in the darkness,
I saw an anchor lower down,
I reached out to grab hold,
Is it possible I’d been found?

From the depths of desperation, 
You pulled me back to the surface.
I saw the sunlight once again,
No longer distorted by the waves. 
From the depths of desperation,
I can now breathe in again.
The salted air fills my lungs,
And now a new journey begins.

The End

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