Ocean's Apart

I pierced the darkness like a swimmer

(rather, a fish out of water)

My arms jutted out in front of me so that I didn't 

somehow float into something solid 

(even though I  was easily ten feet from the closest wall)

I drifted and danced like a swimmer cutting water

(like a fighter with a tangible enemy)

But it was the darkness.  

I cupped my hands and flailed my legs,

(but didn't find myself anywhere of any significance) 


I crawled through the darkness like a fish out of water

(rather, a piece of driftwood)

Selfishly soaking it all in, never to realize,

that the very weight of that which I absorbed

could drown me.  It just seemed so natural, 

(It seemed like the right thing to do)

Letting each wave carry me as it will, there is 

a sense of comfort.  and curiousity of where I end.  

(in so many words, where, how, when, and why)


I lay in bed like a piece of driftwood

(rather, a seashell with no home)

No movement, simply hollow.

Waiting to be collected,

like a prize that only the smallest of hands hold.

(such value so simply discovered, and even easier to lose)

I sat in bliss with waves above and sand shifting

(never thinking I would never be found)

Even so, I don't recall giving either much thought at all

It seemed easier to just assume rather than analyze 

(the possibilities and  the percentages and  the probabilities)


I am buried like a seashell with no home.

(Rather, like the sand itself)

I no longer have these thoughts.  I simply sway.

and sway.  and sway.                     I only wait.

and wait.    and wait. 


Swimming through sound,

 there is nothing to noise.  

(rather, nothing sounds like her)


The End

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