Son of a Sailor


Oh Son of a Sailor,

You fell in love with the sea,

as a small boy, still holding your mothers hand.

You walked along the shore,

and tried to understand,

why they waves kept coming back for more.



So you set out for a horizon,

and her embrace became your home.

you headed west as all of us will do.

you found answers all on your own.



the sea gives but it mostly takes,

and she taught you her simple ways.

you called it love but it was love lost.

you called it love but it was... 



Would you ever call it Love?

What would She think,


to see her son,

a capsizing soul,

as he sinks,

with the weight of his heart?

Oh, Sailor, you fell in love with the sea,

and she never let you go!



And I can't sing any louder.

I can't raise my voice.

I have no room to talk.

I would be nothing but noise.

To Be honest,

I'm scared of what I'd hear.

As My words echo back,

They seem so insincere.

The End

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