Hurricane or Harbor


The sea, it welcomes me in discretely,

waves crashing and rolling up to my feet.

How I wish I could float in the ocean's wake,

But I fear I would somehow drift away.


I always thought these were shores of safety,

But the earth will shake, foundations will crack.

I wonder if the current is calmer,

As the moon decides it wants even more.


Now I stand with the waves up to my waist,

It's getting so much harder to stand firm.

She beckons me on with her siren's song.

The gentle breeze is oh so comforting.


So the surface rises up to my neck.

My feet are anchors tied to the floor.

I see the shore but don't think of home.

here is the only love I've ever known.


And my legs have begun treading water,

Simply hoping to keep my head above.

I no longer her her melodies call.

Is this as far as I'm meant to go?


I open my eyes, staring into the sky.

The clouds, they drift, dark and foreboding.

A storm is brewing but it can't wake me up,

Sleeping as I'm slowly slipping away.

The End

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