I hugged him.
'Text me, yeah?' Will smiled, and it struck me how lovely his smile was. I had amazing friends.
'Alright, man. See you later.'
I half-turned on my heel, but then turned back.
'What?' He put his head on one side, still smiling. I moved to hug him again, but found myself placing a light, chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth.
'Bye, Will.'
He looked almost nochalant... almost. Something unusual ghosted in his eyes before he took a few steps and went back around the corner. I stood, just stood, inhaling the warm smell of summer, feeling a bit dizzy, not wanting to go until I was sure he was out of earshot. A minute passed. The air was silent.

I sprinted down my road whooping. I didn't stop to think who was watching, who'd heard me, what I'd just done; I only knew that there was something warm and tingly and euphoric in my veins. And it wasn't speed. By the time I was outside my house, though, it'd burnt out. I was back to me, same old Cath. I went in and jammed my iPod in, knocking the volume up.
"Let me know what I've done wrong
When I've known this all along..."
If anyone found out about me and Will, what would happen? What was "me and Will" anyway? It was a kiss, a light, friendly kiss, that'd made me scream in public out of... out of what, exactly?
"I'll keep you my dirty little secret
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
My dirty little secret
Who has to know?"
Well, who had to know? It was nothing, really.

Will later told me that he heard me. And saw me running. He'd hid out of sight just to gauge my reaction. Which explains why he felt okay doing what he did next.


The End

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