Resolutions for 2012

In order to achieve my goals (see previous chapter), I hereby promise to do my best to:

Dance and Fitness

  • stretch at least four evenings a week
  • practice turns and ballet steps and ask Jenny for help
  • do core strength exercises like planks at least twice a week, preferably more
  • work on turnout using safe exercises
  • every time I practise, practise for a little longer to improve stamina.


  • stick with editing even when I don't feel like it
  • be more proactive and actually enter competitions, instead of just thinking about it
  • send out query letters for the first few months of the year; if not even a nibble, investigate getting an editor and then going indie
  • be proactive, enter competitions, get in anthologies with SD, work on St Mallory's Forever so it can come out, etc.
  • read at least three books a week: one YA book (trad or indie), one adult book / classic (trad or indie), and one indie book (YA, adult or anthology)


  • increase level of practising for both instruments, which may require giving them priority over writing or computer.


  • give revision higher priority
  • go to bed earlier
  • keep my room tidier

And Another Thing...

  • I also promise to make videos and write blog posts as regularly as can be fitted into my schedule, to post on Protagonize whenever I have the time, as before, to be more patient.
  • I also forbid myself to swear and will make a list of words I am allowed to say out loud, words I am not, words my characters are allowed to say, and words that are completely not allowed, so that there can be no grey area.
The End

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