Goals for 2012

These are goals, rather than resolutions - I will post those on the second page! These are the outcomes I would like to achieve, and those will be how I get there.

Dance and Fitness

  • achieve front splits on both sides (nearly there on one side now!)
  • learn to do fouetté turns properly and en pointe
  • improve core strength
  • improve turnout
  • improve stamina
  • edit Watching until even I am happy with it, and then do the same to the other two.
  • have a short story or two published in magazines or online or in anthologies, as a result of competitions
  • get an agent, a publishing deal, or go indie
  • earn money from writing
  • write a book that's not about fairies
  • learn how to write in different styles
  • Violin: learn 'Czardas', learn grade eight pieces
  • Flute: learn grade eight pieces
  • Fiddle: learn 'Czardas' in the 'Leahy' style - and also learn to play their Cape Breton Medley!
  • get good GCSE grades
  • work out exactly what I'm trying to achieve at the moment
  • be more organised and prepared for things
The End

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