Resolutions For The Rest Of This Year...

Because I failed so epically at the last lot. These are much more modest, and hopefully I can keep to them!

As well as writing lots of geeky songs because they're fun, I resolve to:

  • Blog at least three times a week unless I'm away on 'A Farewell To Sanity', and as often as possible on 'Dance For A Song’.
  • Write at least one chapter on Protagonize per week. Extra points if it’s any good. Double extra points for managing two or three – and that’s original chapters, not ones pasted from a document!
  • Stretch every day to increase flexibility, as well as work on core strengthening exercises so that I’m stronger in ballet.
  • Learn to hold my leg in an arabesque position without wobbling – on both sides.
  • Research ‘Pointed’ thoroughly, and then write it.
  • Finish any novels that I start.
  • Stop after my ninth book and start editing one of the others.
  • Think of a title for the sequel to Watching, since as it’s finished it should probably have a title soon.
  • Make videos at least once a week unless under very special circumstances; don’t let those videos just be “I’ve been busy, sorry…”
  • Work out what’s wrong with my hair and solve it (whatever it takes, though preferably without shaving it all off!).

 Edit - 21st December

  • Generally blogged quite regularly at 'A Farewell to Sanity', although not at 'Dance For A Song'
  • Really didn't stick to that. Oh, well...
  • Most days, for a while. Stopped more recently but still do all sorts of crazy stretches whenever I feel like it. The core thing needs work.
  • Pretty much can do, except in pointe shoes.
  • Yeah, abandoned that project :/
  • Well I almost managed that!
  • Um :/
  • It has a title - Destroying. And the third one has a title too, Returning.
  • Didn't manage that. However, did manage lots of cool video things.
  • I did end up cutting all of it off, though not for that reason.
The End

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