Resolutions - Progress

Let's see how I'm getting on with my resolutions.

I resolve...


  1. To try and read the Bible at least twice a week, no matter how much I don't feel like it.
    never happened. 
  2. To get back into the habit of praying every night, even if it's just to say 'thank you' or 'sorry'.
  3. To help my friends when they're mourning or upset about something, without being cheesy or clichéd, or 'religious'.
    now, I was pretty good at that one. 
  4. To work out properly what I believe and stick to it.
  5. To not be ashamed of what I believe in!
    yup, I can do that one. 


This entire section is null and void as I left Irish dancing in March and am now concentrating entirely on ballet! However I am aiming to be reasonably proficient en pointe by the end of December - I start in September.

General Fitness:

  1. To achieve the front splits
    right leg only. 
  2. To be able to put my hands flat on the ground with my legs straight
    yep, most of the time.
  3. To be able to jog on the spot for five minutes without collapsing afterwards
    now...not sure about that.
  4. To be able to balance on one leg with my hands on my head without wobbling
    haven't tried. haven't read through these in a while!

Writing / Protagonize:

  1. To finish the second draft of 'Beneath the Branches', preferably by February.
  2. To work on a third and fourth draft of said novel, before giving it to my dad to read and critique
  3. To perfect 'Beneath the Branches' until it is the best it can possibly be.
    no to these three, I've been working on other projects.
  4. To post at least two chapters of prose (poetry doesn't count) on Protagonize every day, without fail, unless I am on holiday
  5. To post at least one poem every week on Protagonize
  6. To read at least five chapters (of one work or of several different works) on Protagonize, preferably by an author that I don't often talk to.
  7. To comment on and rate at least three chapters every week.
    well all four of these failed, as you may have noticed.
  8. To pluck up the courage to get my sister to read through my novel (since she's terrifying and not very supportive).
  9. To help my friends from school have the courage to write without worrying what people will think, and to give them honest critique.
  10. To practice giving feedback as well as writing myself.
    I think I was all right at these. I could be better, though.


  1. To practice the piano regularly even when Dad can't give me lessons
  2. To pass my grade three piano with a Merit or more.
  3. To practice the flute at least four times a week.
  4. To pass my grade seven flute with full marks in my scales and a Merit or more overall.
    I took the exam. no way I got full marks in scales, but I hope I got a merit or more.
  5. To practice the violin at least four times a week.
  6. To pass my grade seven violin with a Merit or more.
    I hope so.
  7. To be a committed member of every music group I'm in and attend every rehearsal properly and to practice my music at home so that I am not struggling in rehearsals.
    I think I managed that one.


  1. To balance school work with my hobbies and if necessary, give it priority over them.
  2. To achieve at least an A in each of my science modules (to be taken in January)
  3. To concentrate in Maths and French instead of messing around.
    ummm, french maybe, but maths?
  4. To achieve at least an A in every exam I take before the end of this year, including my Maths and French GCSEs.
    haven't got the results yet.
  5. To do all my Maths homework instead of saying I didn't have time.
    ah. well...
  6. To do all short homeworks the night they're set, and to give longer ones priority at the weekend

General life:

  1. To try new foods.
  2. To go to bed earlier every night, even in the holidays or on weekends.
  3. To use my time wisely instead of wasting it on YouTube.
  4. To not annoy my parents but do what they tell me, instead of spending all my time reading in the bathroom!
  5. To save enough money to make a good contribution to my new flute, while leaving enough to buy myself a new phone and MP3 player, since they're coming to the end of their lives :'(
    yeah, i did that one. the only one on this list though.
  6. To not lose my temper and be a less selfish person.

Well, that's a lot of resolutions that I completely forgot about or completely failed to do! I'll post another list in just a second, of things I'll do until the end of this year. Hopefully.

The End

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