My New Year's Resolutions

Quite aside from the fact that I just accidentally wrote "My New Year's Revolutions" which wasn't quite what I meant ...

So I'm posting this here because if I write it in a notebook, or leave it in a document in my computer, I'll forget about it.  I won't read it. I'll just ignore it, and perhaps in about October I'll suddenly remember it and feel very guilty, because I haven't kept any of them. I think that's what I've done in the post.

If, however, I post them here, I can put a link to them on my profile, I can post it on my blog - I can just generally make sure they're there all year, taunting me. Forcing me to remember them. Which is sort of the point, isn't it?

During the year (say, in about June), I'll post another chapter, analysing how I'm getting along. I'll do the same in December, pointing out at which ones I completely failed. Then, on New Year's Eve/Day next year, I'll post my 2012 revolutions resolutions. What is it with me and typing that? Honestly! I'm going mad.

I'm keeping this as a solo so that it's a sort of personal challenge, but if you'd like to share your own resolutions (yes, I got it right!) then post them as a comment or a link to somewhere you've posted them, and I might have a look. On the other hand, I might not, since I'm very busy, but I'm sure somebody else will. Eventually.

That's all from me ... I'd better get along and write up these resolutions!

The End

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