My messed up mind

At the tiniest little thing I just broke down in tears; I accidently slopped my hot chocolate down my front and the floor. That one tiny thing set me off and made me have a mini hyperventilation session while crying. I felt completely drunk, out of my mind wasted, yet I hadn't touched a drop. I went from being jolly and baking tasty cakes for my friends, to being unable to stop crying, as if at the flick of a switch. Even now I still feel as if I am floating above my body looking in. It's called disassociation or something. All I know is the floaty feeling. I feel so guilty that I didn't tidy up the kitchen myself, but nan wouldn't let me. Now my chest is still hurting and my head feels woozy. There's no way I'm going to get any sleep now :-/ wonderful. x

The End

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