scene 4-Mature

Scene 4

This scene consists off the return of Aidan.. But something has gone dread fully wrong…

Sam-                      right this is just getting silly, he would of came back by now! (Seems rather annoyed at this point)

Skylar-                  I wanna get out of here, this is pointless, I knew this would all go wrong…

Felix-                    no you didn’t, you never said and you never disagreed

Skylar-                  excuse me? Yes I did, I… (Gets interrupted by felix)

Felix-                    no you didn’t!

Pika-                      um...sorry to interrupt but he did...

Sam-                      yeah…

( felix looks away in anger because she/he got proven right)

Sam-                      ok maybe isn’t the time to state argueing, in my opinion we should just stay here for a while longer, and if he doesn’t come back within the next hour..

Skylar-                  half hour.

Sam-                      ok, fine, half hour, then we will head home call the emergencies, and then everything will be ok

Felix-                    but what if they aren’t? what are we meant to do?

Skylar-                  (seeming rather calm at the moment) they will be (gives a slight smile)

Pika-                      wait, sky, haven’t you got your phone with you?
skylar-                  yes I have, but I have tried to get a signal…there’s none.. ah…I remember once coming here as a young boy, this place was filled with people,  you had to book months in advance, the tree’s grew tall and green and the flowers grew nicely and the atmosphere, was just perfect, but now..somethings changed…something isn’t right now… its unnatural…

Sam-                      wow…didn’t know you went here, and I’ve known you all my life,

Skylar-                  yeah well there are few things I do without telling many people

(Bushes rustle again)

Felix-                    what was that? (Says this in a rather worried tone)

Sam-                      it’s probably nothing don’t worry about anything

Skylar-                  right, I’m really not comfortable here, I’m leaving it’s already been ages and every one is getting creeped out here…

Pika-                      right I agree with sky, we are going now! (says in an insertive tone)

Sam-                      oh fine then

(Sam, Felix, pika, and Skylar all get up and start walking away but the a sudden figure comes out of the bushes)

Skylar-                  who’s there?

Pika-                      now who’s the idiot…

Felix-                    (looks at pika quickly) shut up…

Pika-                      (gives a glare over to Felix)

Skylar-                  Hello? Come on, this isn’t funny, we are leaving now

Aidan comes out of the dark, but he doesn’t look like himself…his hands clenched tightly with blood dripping off them, his face, looked like it had been shoved in a large open wound, his hair hair looked greasy, and messy, but his eyes… they looks like some had poured milk over them and he face just look deranged, unsure and his clothes, they were bloody, unclean, un-tucked, this was unnatural for aidan, he never looked like this… he limped towards the group… they slowly back away in fear. An unusual noise came out of his mouth, like the noise they had heard earlier, the groups reaction was to get away fast, this places wasn’t safe, and never will be again..

Sam-                      aidan? What’s happened?

Aidan-                  (groans)

Pika-                      that isn’t Aidan….

Felix-                    its is….but something isn’t right…

(Whole group is slowly back away as Aidan get closer with his limps)

Skylar-                  (whispers to Sam) look at his leg… it looks like it has been butchered…

Sam-                      right we need to get out of here…now.

(Whole group starts to run in the opposite direction of Aidan)

Aidan-                  (groans) wait..Not...over..There….(groans)


Felix-                    wait…what?


Suddenly a large figure came out of the darkness; his eyes were even more deranged then aidan…his clothes even more ragged then aidans…and his breath was deeps and heavy and with ever breath he took blood dripped out of his goary mouth, he stood infront of felix, his mouth wide open and his eyes staring to one thing, Felix’s neck. His whole body launched on to Felix’s which caused Felix to fall over, the weight of the ‘man’ was crushing Felix. Felix screaming out help the whole group turned around to see that the man was about to plunge his jaws into Felix neck when pika ran back and pulled this ‘man’ up.. but that was a mistake… the man turned round and bit the arm that pulled him off Felix. Screams echoed through the forest, Felix got up, but as Felix got up, she got dragged back into the forest…not even a scream was made… it was just Sam and Skylar left… they needed to get out of this mess…but… how?

The End

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