scene 3-Mature

Scene 3-

This scene is where the group hear a strange noise and one of them is curious of the noise and wants to know more…but is curiosity killed the cat right?

Skylar-                  there all the tents I set up…I WANT THE MIDDLE ONE!

Sam-                      no one’s stopping you there sky (laughs abit)

Felix-                    right then, what do you want to do now we’ve set up?

Skylar-                  don’t you mean Sam, aidan, pika and I set up?

Pika-                      yeah, and I think we should tell each other stories…no, what about…(interuputed by                    felix)                     

Felix-                    what ever, sounds like a good idea to me, anyone else gopt an idea?

Aidan-                  not really, pika, as it was your suggestion, you tell one, had to be a good one, not of                     those really boring ones that everyones heard before ok

Sam-                      lets just hope we will sleep tonight!

Felix-                    (gives Sam an odd look) what, are you scared Sam?

Sam-                      no, its just that I do like my sleep, because its an essential to the human body, to                           have enough sleep!

Skylar-                  just get on with the story!

Felix-                    ok…hmm…oh ok, I have one, on a dark stormy night, a group of travellers were ou         on a camp site, the whole place was deserted, the only sounds was the wind whistling through the trees and the small chit chat of the five people, and an old creepy guy came out of no where! (aidan whispers to Sam ‘don’t worry, you wll get enough sleep the way this is going’, felix gives aidan a ‘dirty look’)  he shown them         to the place where they were camping, this place had an awful smell of rotting, but        then out of no where there was a scream!

(loud scream comes out of somewhere and whole group jumps)

Sam-                      right, well that’s my sleeping off!

Skylar-                  ah damn! What was that? If that is one of you lets there might be a proper scream off one of you!

Aidan-                  I swear down that wasn’t me!

Pika-                      you’ve got to be serious! What was that! It wasn’t me, I cant scream, remember I           that operation on my throat so I cant scream!

Felix                      please say that wasn’t real! (hides face)

Skylar-                  I guess that wasn’t any of us…but then…who was it?

Felix-                    I don’t really want to know, not now not never!

Aidan-                  I wonder who it was! Someone could of got lost, it could have been a little kid that                       had wondered away from their parents and got scared?

Sam-                      aidan, that’s a nice thought, but I don’t really think that they would of wondered off  tis weather, time, and I didn’t see any other parking, and the keeper seem busy                   with any other guests so I doubt there could have been anyone else.

Pika-                      no one leave, we should just carry on with what we were doing,  having a nice time, and we can just sleep it off right? (say this in a scared tone)

Sam-                      that sounds like a plan to  to me!

Aidan-                  well not to me, it cant be that bad, they probably just fell or is scared and doesn’t know where they are, I’m off to see what’s happened

(aidan gets up and starts to walk away, but skylar get up and grabs aidns sleeve)

Skylar-                  what are you doing? Its dark, spooky and just has a bad vibes to it!

Aidan-                  sky, stop over reacting, I’ll be fine, no point in trying to stop me, im going! (shakes skylar off him and walks off into the dark)

Felix-                    this is a bad idea…

Round about half an hour passes and still noting has been heard from aidan, the group starts to get worried but just sit there in total silence but all can sense something isn’t right

Pika-                      maybe the screamer had a major accident?

Skylar-                  yeah, because he wouldn’t of called for help!

Felix-                    true….what should we do?

Sam-                      we should just stay calm, and stay togther, safety in numbers right?

Pika-                      right, but we are missing one! And I cant leave without him, he’s meant to come shopping with me on Monday!

Skylar-                  (giving pika an odd look) theres more to him about shopping, hes a nice guy, and he’s been my friend for a rather long time, and if you known him better he doesn’t really like shopping , and for god sakes stop being the way you are around him!

Pika-                      excuse me? Just stop ok, how am I around him? And he has never really mentioned that he doesn’t like to shop!

Skylar-                  did you ever ask him? Oh I guess you didn’t!

Felix-                    look guys, argueing about who knows him more and who is his ‘best friend’ isn’t going to get him back any quicker now is it???

Sam-                      right, now keep  calm and everything will be ok….

 (hears a moan, but a loud, unnatural moan)

Pika-                      aidan? Is that you? Come out now! This isn’t funny!

(ruffles come out of the trees and bushes)

Skylar-                  shut up you idiot! You don’t know who it could be, an axe murderer, a thief, you don’t just simply shout ‘hey come out come out where ever you are!’

Sam- huys just stop being at each others throats…not now, another time….

The End

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